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Have You Lost a Pet or Found One? Let Us Help You!

We are a community-driven platform dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families. If you’ve lost a pet or found one wandering alone, you’re in the right place to seek help. Our network is here to support you through this journey.

How it works

Tips and Guidelines for Reuniting Lost and Found Pets

Provide Clear and Recent Photos: Upload high-quality, recent photos of the pet from different angles. This helps others recognize the pet more easily.

Detailed Description: Include a detailed description of the pet, such as breed, color, size, any distinctive markings, and the type of collar or tags they were wearing.

Last Known Location: For lost pets, provide the exact location and time where they were last seen. For found pets, mention where and when you found them.

Update Microchip Information: If your lost pet has a microchip, ensure your contact information is up-to-date with the microchip registry.

What our El Paso community thinks of our service

If you find a pet, posting on our site is completely free. We aim to provide a helpful service to our community.


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