Lost and Found Pets in El Paso

Get help finding or reuniting a pet with its loving family in the El Paso metro area.

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Lost and Found Pets in El Paso is a page that helps people find pets.

Helping pets in the El Paso metro area with help from our followers

Our page goal is to help pets and animals in danger in the El Paso Southwest metro area.

  • Lost Pets – Pets that have been lost or have gone missing.
  • Found Pets – Pets that have been found and are being cared for by a surrogate family.
  • Pets on the Run – Pets spotted running on the streets.
  • Red Alert – Injured pets or those that have been critically injured
  • Rehoming – Pets needing a new family to care and protect them.

Lost and Found Pet Guide

Steps you can take to get help with a pet in need

Lost dog in El Paso Texas

How to help a lost or found pet

If you are missing your pet, the first thing you must do is stay calm, breathe deeply, and with purpose. Know that all things are in God’s hands. Do your best and let God take care of the rest. Use our page as a guide to help you help.

After losing your pet, the sooner you start your search, the better your chances of recovering your pet. Follow this guide, it will help you be more efficient when helping a pet in need.

Lost Pet Guide
Found Pet Guide
  1. Inform the chip company - If your pet is chipped with the chip # on hand, call the chip company to inform them or visit their website. Check your chip # here to see where to update.
  2. Call animal services - Call and inform them of the disappearance and ask if they can contact you if they see your fur baby. Keep in mind that they take in hundreds of pets, so you cant rely on them entirely. They are swamped. You will need to visit the facility to see if your furball was taken in. They are located at 5001 Fred Wilson, El Paso, TX 79906.
  3. Search Online - Check online to see if your pet has been reported lost on social media or posted on a local community page or group. Post on these community pages to get more eyes on your situation. There are many websites and pages where people post lost pets. Here is our complete 2022 Guide of Places To Post Lost Pets in El Paso.
  4. Guide them back home - Get some of your dirty clothes and set them outside to guide them back with your sent. Create a path for them to follow. Dogs and cats can smell for many miles, so your scent can bring them back if they ran off and got lost. Try setting their bed at your front door. This, too, will help guide them back home.
  5. Create a post/flyer that helps - Use a full-body picture of your pet and print it on a flyer with your contact information and other important details (name, gender, breed, area lost, date lost).
  6. Get your post/flyers seen - Distribute your fliers to your neighbors first, and inform them of your situation. They will be able to help you keep watch when you search your neighborhood.
  7. Get your neighbors to help - Get people in the area to see your Post a flyer on your lawn to inform passers that your pet is missing. Here are the El Paso Sign Regulation (20.18) ordinances
  8. Get extra help with an ad - Post an ad on our page to get more views and target our followers and friends for three days. We target 5 miles around the location listed on your post. An ad can show up as a 'Sponsored Post' on our followers' Facebook, and Instagram feeds if they are in the area where you need help.
  9. Repeat steps 2-8 - Keep repeating these steps until you have a resolution to your ordeal.